We save time for our customers and make them feel confident in their buying decisions

Our focus is to help customers achieve their business goals

Who We Are?

Ampron is OEM LED Electronic Variable Message Guidance Signs manufacturer and Smart City solutions provider. We focus on servicing B2B customers needs and build the most modern hardware you can buy on the market for this specific product class.

Purpose of our technology is to simplify the world for the people. Information and guidance should be helpful and easy. Delivered in a modern and timely manner, at the right amount and where it is most needed. We call it Last Mile Wayfinding category. This is our focus.


We care about user experience and customer expectations. We are focused on making things easier for people and project managers.

Our focus is to provide end-customers, system integrators, and turnkey solution providers the best possible support and products for their projects. With us, your work is simplified and you don’t spend extra time to become an expert in our field. You can trust us to be those experts and we will make your decision-making process easier.

We are ethical. There might be times when we say NO if deep down we feel that our products would not serve your project purpose in a best possible way.


Our customers are the center of our universe and at the top of their game. They are forward-thinking end-users, system integrators, and solution providers.

They want to improve operations and user experience for the better and they are willing to try out new things.

What You Can Expect

You don’t get pushed around towards the closing of the deal. We don’t sell you anything that does not fit your project needs. You don’t get cheap solutions packed in an expensive-looking wrap and somehow serving the purpose.

We only advise you the products that we would use ourselves in that specific project. We do not deceive you with false hopes by promising high quality product with low prices. From us you get the price that the product or solution will cost in the end when all the requirements are met.

We are honest with you in every step of the way and will not go into the low price war. Believe us, in this game there are no winners and only losers. 


About our products

We have three different types of LED message boards, which include a rugged version, a compact version and a video wall version. Rugged boards work well outdoors, at bus terminals, airports and even on the streets. Compact boards are better for areas that don’t have a lot of extra room or where you don’t have as big of a message to get across. Usual use cases are for example free parking area visuals, weight stations etc.

And of course, video wall boards are great for when you need to get a whole lot of information out.

Not only that but we have industry specific boards that will fit into your industry with no problem. If you need something for the transportation and security industry, aerospace, retail and commercial, industrial, sports or anything else, we have options that will make it a whole lot easier for you to get started. After all, you don’t have the time to sort through a lot of options when you’re trying to run a business. You want to make sure you get what you need and get back on your way.

But what if none of these types of boards is the ideal one for you? What if you need something a little bit different to fit into your space? It’s absolutely not a problem because we also do custom work. We can take the specifications that you have and the size requirements that you have and create a board, entirely from scratch, that will work for you. That’s how we make sure to put our customers first.


Still, why us?

Listen, we have been there. For years in our personal background, we have managed large scale projects while serving in Estonian Air Force and civil aviation. From procurement to the implementation phase, we have done that. We know the pains, chokepoints and where the risks lies.

We know how valuable is the time for the project managers and people in procurement. Time is the only resource you cannot buy. Our most important goal is to help you save that time and make your life easier.

So, make that first step, start saving by contacting us.

To get started with the cooperation, we just need You to get in contact with us