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3 Key Trends in Digital Signage Future by Ampron -

3 Key Trends in Digital Signage Future

In this article, we will summarise three key trends in the world of digital signage. Knowing where the trends are heading, helps you to make better business decisions and hopefully our roads cross in the fruitful cooperation.

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Intelligent Smart City Bus Shelter Solution for Urban Public Transport

Our user centric Smart City Bus Shelter will be a way to connect various businesses and institutions to public transport commuters. Through considering alternative design approaches, bus shelters can relate to the wider urban environment and everyday practices, which includes complex relationships between multiple stakeholders and public transport services, functions, design, and management.

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3 Things to Consider While Looking for LED Message Boards or Guidance Sings

3 Things to Consider While Looking for LED Message Boards

If you’re looking for LED display, there are three very important questions to consider, before anything else happens. We want to make sure that you have the display that’s going to work for your situation, after all. So, we’ll look at where you’ll be using it, how close the viewers are going to be, and how large of a screen you want.

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