Apron Information and Warning System

System is intended to raise the situational awareness amongst stakeholders and raise the overall safety. It consists of LED variable message boards, central software and Graphical User Interface.

Apron Information and warning system at tallinn airport


The target group is the apron area personnel at the airport. The goal is to raise safety awareness. It shows the status of weather conditions. At normal weather conditions, it shows current time and temperature. The centralized solution with numerous LED message boards and one operator user interface where planning of the messages and notifications can be done.


The software incorporates local (on-site) LED message boards management and monitoring features. This approach assures that displayed information is always up to date. Local control, monitoring, and reporting software are running in every Ampron display unit. Inside and outside temperatures, humidity, power consumption, ambient lighting. Failsafe feature is able to shut-down display or show pre-defined information if the communication with the central server is lost or some fault situation has been triggered.


Operator’s user interface is specifically designed in cooperation with the airport personnel who is using it on a daily basis. It is intuitive and easy to use. It has a group of buttons with weather conditions and other warnings to display on LED screens all over the airport.

The number of buttons can be dynamically expanded or reduced. The system has the planning capability of the information to display. You may choose the timeframe when the notifications will be displayed.

Apron Information and Warning Solution User Interface
Apron Information and Warning Solution Mobile User Interface


In the administrator interface, you may send a free-form text to LED displays. In addition, this is where you manage users and user rights and all the settings like adding new displays, change button pre-sets and other functions, also see or search the logs.


The user should not be limited in choosing the favorite interface hardware. Therefore, we have taken extra steps to develop the UX/UI in a modern way so it would fit and be functional in mobile devices.

Apron Information and Warning Solution Mobile User Interface


We use only high-quality verified hardware in our production. Display units are intended for use in harsh outdoor environmental conditions of Nordic Countries and 24/7 operation. The physical size is theoretically unlimited due to the cascading possibility and software architecture.

Ampron LED Display Unit
Ampron LED Display Unit



Read also the Tallinn Airport Use Case of this solution


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